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Introducing our Firm

Professional Trust & Estate Management

At ProFiduciary, we are a team of financial, trust, and estate professionals who have spent decades building relationships with individuals and families to preserve their wealth and pass it on to loved ones and charitable institutions.

Whether you have sought out ProFiduciary following a recommendation from an attorney or financial advisor or are a private individual independently seeking guidance, you will benefit from our unique capabilities. We specialize in trust and estate administration and work closely with our clients’ attorneys, investment managers, property managers, and tax professionals. We are the liaison for our clients and their professional team, advocating for you and your beneficiaries while freeing you to spend more time living your life. 

Our Services

Estate Settlements

Settling an estate can be a complex and time-consuming process.  Hiring a professional fiduciary who has extensive experience in settling estates can be a solution that saves all family members time and peace of mind.

Trust Administration

Trustees have duties to the individuals who created a trust, the current beneficiaries of the trust and the beneficiaries who receive the trust assets when the trust terminates.  Hiring a neutral professional fiduciary who has extensive experience in that area can ensure that all parties’ interests are respected and fulfilled.

Other Fiduciary Services

Individuals named as successor trustee or executor sometimes want to retain the decision-making control they are given in the will or trust agreement but want recommendations and/or administrative support from experienced individuals.  Private fiduciaries are also licensed to act as agent and can provide that support to all types of fiduciaries.

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Request a Consultation

​If you are establishing a trust, locating an expert in estate administration, or are seeking a respected trustee for a will or a trust, ProFiduciary will solve any of your financial challenges and can be counted on to act as independent agents guiding you and the beneficiaries of your trust.

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