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Questions to Ask Your Fiduciary

  • Does your fiduciary have the expertise to manage, or supervise managers, of your financial assets, real estate, family business or other unique investments?

  • Does your fiduciary have the time to take on the work?

  • If your intended fiduciary is a family member, have you discussed the matter with them and do they fully understand the role and requirements required?

  • Ask how long your fiduciary has been practicing and if he/she has handled the types of issues that may arise in your case.

  • Is he/she bondable and insured? How does he/she handle banking and mail?

  • If he/she has employees, have those employees been background-checked and is the fiduciary insured for employee liability/theft?​

  • Is he/she knowledgeable about local service providers, and can he/she work well with your established providers?

  • What security measures does he/she have in place to assure that your information is protected?

  • Are their computers backed up daily in another location?

  • If there is a natural disaster, what is his or her plan for resuming business as quickly as possible?

  • Does he/she have a succession plan – someone to act as your trustee in case he/she dies before you do?

  • What plans has your fiduciary made if they take a vacation or become ill?

  • Ask for references. You want someone who has provided services to many other families and individuals. 

  • ​What are the fees involved in administration?

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Request a Consultation

​If you are establishing a trust, locating an expert in estate administration, or are seeking a respected trustee for a will or a trust, ProFiduciary will solve any of your financial challenges and can be counted on to act as independent agents guiding you and the beneficiaries of your trust.

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