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​"I have had the pleasure of working with Thomas Thale in his capacity as a court-appointed fiduciary on a number of occasions. Many of the businesses were in a state of confusion prior to his appointment. In that capacity, Thom has operated and sold companies and has faced a wide array of challenges in order to restore the business and create value for its owners. He is an extremely experienced, capable and hardworking individual. Thom also has the highest integrity. Thom brings the right blend of thoughtful understanding and rigorous analysis to any problems that may be faced by a business. I recommend him without hesitation." 

Robert Sbardellati, Sheppard, Mullin and Richter, LLP

"Thomas Thale and his knowledgeable, friendly staff at ProFiduciary have consistently impressed me with their efficient, professional manner. I have enjoyed working with Thom in my representation of him as both an executor and a trustee in what have proved to be both complex and knotty matters. Always a pleasure!"

Lori M. Yocum, Attorney-At-Law, Hinchy, Witte, Wood & Anderson, LLP

“My clients benefit from the experience, professionalism, and integrity of ProFidicuary.  I also trust ProFiduciary to provide timely, friendly service and to treat my clients with dignity and respect.”

Kristen McBride, Esq. - Worden Williams LLP

"I have worked with Tana Cleaves on a number of matters over the years and am consistently impressed.  Tana shows a genuine interest in the well-being of the people and families she serves that goes beyond attention to the details of the administration of their affairs.  ProFiducary’s resources enable her to use her decades of experience to consistently deliver excellent outcomes for my clients."

Adam L. Sherry, Esq. - Law Offices of Nancy Spector

"...Dan Lanahan and Shelley Eskildsen have been a real treat to work with over the years that I have known them. With their skills, experience and integrity, I can rely upon them to do a professional job."

James. H. Garrett, James H. Garrett Law Corporation

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​If you are establishing a trust, locating an expert in estate administration, or are seeking a respected trustee for a will or a trust, ProFiduciary will solve any of your financial challenges and can be counted on to act as independent agents guiding you and the beneficiaries of your trust.

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