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Estate Settlement Services

Description of Estate Settlement Services

Clients seeking guidance with estate settlements come to ProFiduciary with many questions about navigating an unfamiliar process.  Our staff of experts have answers and provide guidance and offer independent, impartial administration that strictly adheres to the governing documents and governing law. For questions about our fees, please view the linked published fee schedule at the bottom of the page.

Services Include:

  • Identify all beneficiaries and introduce ProFiduciary team to beneficiaries and their representatives.

  • Respond to all beneficiary communications on a timely basis and keep beneficiaries informed on general estate administration matters.

  • Communicate action item timeframes to beneficiaries.

  • Collect all estate, or trust estate assets, documents and records.

  • Safekeep all assets, documents and records.

  • Reregister title to all assets and liabilities as necessary and update title to assets as necessary.

  • Identify and document all liabilities.

  • Properly insure all assets as necessary.

  • Value all assets and liabilities and communicate those values to beneficiaries.

  • Provide beneficiaries with periodic statements and/or accountings of assets and liabilities.

  • Review allocation of all investments and determine whether any assets should be sold, purchased or exchanged during administration period.

  • Review whether liabilities should be paid off, refinanced or maintained.

  • Provide notices to creditors as necessary.

  • Develop and implement investment policy statement with financial advisor(s) given the timeframe to settle the estate and ultimate distribution of assets.

  • Coordinate with co-fiduciaries and advisors as necessary regarding investment recommendations, decisions and action items.

  • Invest all financial assets during the administration period utilizing the advice and services of financial advisor(s).

  • Supervise financial advisor(s) investment performance, adherence to investment policy statement, reinvestment of cash, distribution, etc.

  • Take action on capital changes, corporate reorganizations, proxies and maturing items.

  • Consult with legal and tax counsel regarding trust administration, estate tax payments strategies, tax returns, and investments as necessary.

  • Independently and impartially administer the estate, or trust estate, pursuant to the terms of the governing documents and/or state law for the protection and benefit of all current, future and contingent beneficiaries.

  • Coordinate the preparation and filing of the final personal income tax returns and trust fiduciary tax returns, as necessary.

  • Coordinate the preparation and filing of estate and/or gift tax returns, as necessary.

  • Track and monitor all accounts payable and accounts receivable payments.

  • Monitor medical care, insurance claims and reimbursements for the benefit of current trust income beneficiaries, as appropriate.

  • Supervise property managers, tenant relations, and lease/rental negotiations.

  • File and maintain all estate administration records.

  • Supervision of real estate property maintenance, repairs, and capital improvements.

  • Assess need for leverage on real estate assets and adhere to loan covenants as necessary.

  • Facilitate real estate sales, acquisitions and 1031 tax-deferred exchanges.

  • Collect rental income, royalty income and tenant reimbursements.

  • Payment of real property taxes, insurance, mortgages and other related expenses.

  • Manage, or hire third-party professional managers for non-financial assets such as: oil, gas and mineral interests; closely held business interests; private equity interests; intellectual property; etc.

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​If you are establishing a trust, locating an expert in estate administration, or are seeking a respected trustee for a will or a trust, ProFiduciary will solve any of your financial challenges and can be counted on to act as independent agents guiding you and the beneficiaries of your trust.

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